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Whanau Ora

We work with a range of other professionals and providers throughout the area to support our whanau and communities. In 2012 we seek to establish a new Whanau Ora Iwi Collective named Te Hono ki Tararua me Ruahine (Collective). The Collective of Muaupoko Tribal Authority and Te Runanga o Raukawa Whanau Ora vision ‘to maximise its contribution to the survival and wellbeing of Maori as a people through the design and delivery of kaupapa based services’.

We seek to support whanau so they are self managing; living healthy lifestyles; participating fully in society; confidently participating in te ao maori; economically secure and successfully involved in wealth creation; and is cohesive, resilient and nurturing.

As a provider of Whanau Ora Services, MTA staff currently provides whanau navigation:

Marokopa Wiremu Matakatea is the co-ordinator for Kaumatua exercise and activities. Nau mai haere mai, come join us, you are never to old!

Contact Marakopa by phone 021 246 0732 or email marokopa@muapoko.iwi.nz

Supporting whanau to quit smoking is championed by Melina Vandermade. Let us help?

Contact Melina by phone 021 021 61041 or email melinda@muaupok.iwi.nz

Kevin Hill is our Kaitoko Whanau Co-ordinator working with vulnerable, high risk whanau. Lets us Tautoko and manaaki,

call Kevin on 021 021 61043 or email kevin@muaupoko.iwi.nz

Improved access to health services for whanau is lead by Donna Sayer, do you or the whanau need help?

Contact Donna by phone 021 021 61051 or email donna@muaupoko.iwi.nz



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